Thursday 6 March 2014


Yesterday I successfully achieved fusion at 11:30 am, this was brilliant! I am waiting from for conformation that i have actually done fusion but looking at the results I am almost certain I have.

The following images shows me operating it the reactor

 The reactor consists of many parts, some of the main ones include the vacuum pumps, high voltage supply, vacuum chamber and deutirium system.

I would like to thank the following people for helping me financially or by providing technical support.
Mr Hourigan - for authorization and funding 
Mrs Honeyman - project manager/risk assessor and for giving up her time 
George Barker - for being my PA and blogging my story 
R & B Switch gear - for helping with safety and parts for the high voltage especially Robbie Newton and Tony Taylor 
Tim Abram at Manchester university for lending me the neutron detector 
Pro alloy for constructing the gas reservoir and valve for helping with problem solving and sourcing gear 
Carol Darbyshire, Raj Bhanot and Ian Grant at Springfields for helping with the radioactive health and safety and lending me the metering devices 
Dr K at MIRCE Akademy for helping with my initial plans 
Austin Dunne at Infrared institute for lending me some infrared thermographic equipment 
Mr Dever for his photography 
Site supervisors for tidying up my work area 
Mr Barker for the lead shielding 
Science and Technology department for helping with last minute engineering problems

And last but not least my parents for their help and support
I will upload some more pictures soon


Tuesday 25 February 2014

Reactor completion

Today I finished the reactor. I finished of bits of the high voltage system of and put the feedthroughs on the chamber. I am waiting now for me to go on a radiation saftey training course before I can operate the reactor fully.
Below is a photo of me with my completed reactor

Vacuum success

After many hours finding leaks in my chamber I have finally achieved a vacuum of 0.1*10^-5 torr. This a very good pressure for the vacuum chamber to reach and is almost perfect for doing fusion. I would like to thank R&B Switchgear for supplying a three phase inverter for the mechanical pump.
The above picture shows the guage right at the bottom of its scale showing the chamber is in vacuum.

Monday 3 February 2014

Control panel

I have stayed late over the last few nights at school making my control panel, as seen below.
This panel is where I will control the reactor from. On the panel so far is the metering for the high voltage and current. And switches for all the vacuum pumps. Still to be attached is the vacuum guage controller, viewing for the reactor and nuetron detection.

Wednesday 29 January 2014


Finaly I am picking up pace on my project and have made some progress. The following pictures show my progress:

Wednesday 8 January 2014

New inner grid

I have designed a new inner grid for my Fusor. For those who don't know the inner grid is a wire grid that is charged to a very high negative voltage. I have made the new grid from 1.5mm mild steel instead of 0.1mm tungsten. The tungsten was very hard to shape to the right shape for the grid as it had a tendency to snap and was very brittle.

Friday 20 December 2013

Diff Pump Dissaster

My diffusion pump arrived yesterday which at first I thought would be great but then disaster struck. I noticed a large dent in the side of the cooling fan casing therefore the fan blades could not spin. I wasn't surprised with the box in the state it was.(see pictures) The wasn't any packaging around the pump except for the original box witch customs had torn up. As you can guess I was quite annoyed.
the following pictures show the setup with the diffusion pump. The pump isn't wired up yet as I may have to send it back.

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